With Christmas Around The Corner…

Christmas season is just around the corner and there are sales everywhere. It is the season of giving but it is also the season to get broke. I come from a big family where everyone exchanges gifts on Christmas day. The whole family usually gets together for dinner at my Grandparents house.


If you’re getting close to 30 gifts a year, you’d probably want to keep an eye on how much you’re going to be spending. I still remember what happened in 2013 when I bought the same gifts for everyone. Besides being the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, the look the kids gave me scarred me for life. It was the most indifferent look I’ve seen my whole life. From that very day, I vowed to be the best Christmas gift shopper that exists. I aim to find gifts that are cheap yet meaningful so whatever I spend on will be a functional addition to someone’s life.

Every single time it comes to getting gifts I am stuck. It isn’t easy getting unique Christmas gifts for 10 uncles and aunts and a long string of cousins. Not to mention my mom, dad and siblings need gifts too. Family is thicker than blood and I wouldn’t mind spending my money on them but it is really tough choosing gifts. That was until I came across a 2016 best christmas gift ideas site that has amazing Christmas gift ideas which were wallet friendly.

I was surprised that a new and unheard of site like this actually had ok-ish suggestions. I especially liked how they had a section all for gift ideas. Anyway, it did help make gift shopping much easier. I even picked up Barry’s gift for his birthday while I was at it.

The season of giving is here. I do try to be humble but I honestly hope I get many gifts this year. Bags, dresses, perfume, pearls I want them all. I do hope my <3  HUBBY is reading this. He sucks at gift shopping. I keep getting the exact same gifts every year ~Giftcards and vouchers. Step up your game hunny,your pumpkin pie is rooting for you. Till next time

Closet Decluttering for Autumn

seasonal_clothing_declutterOnce again, I mark the coming of autumn with a clothing closet declutter.

I wade into the closet and find the boxes of out-of-season clothing. Try everything on, skin itching at the touch of wool when the temperature’s 80 degrees.

Sort the summer’s keepers from items to donate. Look for “holes” and orphans in my autumn wardrobe. Count the upcoming dinners and holiday events, and divide them by the number of my party dresses. Try, for the 900th time, to locate some good transitional outfits: cool enough for warm autumn days, but not too summery or too bare.

A closet declutter is more a ritual celebration of the change of seasons. It’s a time for reflection, a time to face up to changing identities. Who’s living in your clothes closet?

Multiple personalities

Why is it that the clothing closet declutter hits harder than neutral zones like the linen closet?

Perhaps it’s because we store more than clothing in our closets. We store other selves, other lives, other dreams.

We store the romantic Laura Ashley dress (with flowing gathers) that we hoped to wear early in a pregnancy that never came to be.

We store the business suit, purchased to launch a new career. It supported us staunchly as we made our first few client calls–but then we grew confident, and no longer needed the magic of a power suit.

Look in any clothes closet. Behind the hangers and shelves and boxes lies a second reality.

To declutter a clothing closet, you can’t stop with the clothes. You have to move on to the clutter of the psyche that lies behind the possessions.

Of two minds

To clean and declutter a clothing closet, you need two mind-sets: one decisive, one sentimental.

Yes, you must do the conventional, and bring clutter-cutting decision-making to the job. Empty the closet, sort the out-of-season clothes and box them up for storage.

Try on everything that’s left, and donate or sell anything that doesn’t fit, that’s out of style, that hasn’t been worn in a year. Hang the survivors according to weight and color, and look out for good combinations for outfits.

The second mind-set, though, is more personal. It’s sentimental and wistful and nostalgic. A seasonal closet declutter brings you face-to-face with some of the old selves that must now be dispensed with, like the worn-out clothes in the “donate” bag.

These flowered summer shorts? They belong to another person, one who lived in the South (and had to compete with the azaleas to get noticed). The ’90s-era blazers with suited skirts? Another century, another career, another personality.

Decluttering the clothes closet means saying good-bye. It means relinquishing hold of the cast-off shells of who we used to be. It means confronting the changes of age.

But it also means greeting the new and developing person we are now, today, this moment.

To come to terms with the conundrum, balance the memories of the past with an encouraging glimpse of the future.

Will the new hand-loomed jacket come to stand for a new career, an exciting new venture? Will this party dress eventually remind the wearer of many happy evenings with husband and friends?

Reassure yourself! The new wardrobe, like the old, will acquire its own patina of memory and experience.

Autumn closet declutter. Look back for a moment . . . but set your sights ahead. There’s a whole new season dawning!

Finding The Best Inflatable Air Mattress

Many people go camping or visit family and have to sleep on an old, uncomfortable inflatable mattress that is a hassle to blow up, deflate, and store. In the morning they find themselves with cramps in their neck and back, and are tired from not being able to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Stays away from home become less fun and desirable when pain is involved with the trip. The Coleman air bed is the solution to the comfort problem as it is the best air bed for the money. This air bed review might help you in choosing the right air bed.

Long gone are the days of neck cramps and backaches, thanks to new inflatable mattress technology. The Coleman air mattresses has everything a customer could possibly want in a king size air mattress. It is large enough to fit at least two adults, and is incredibly comfortable. It can easily be inflated, deflated, then rolled up and stored in a bag under a bed or in a closet. It is the answer to the many nights individuals have spend tossing and turning, trying to become comfortable on an impossibly uncomfortable mat or foam mattress.

This soft and inviting mattress is perfect for any occasion when a real bed cannot be used. Family and friends will not dread sleeping over in your home once they know they will be able to rest easy on a top of the line air bed. Camping trips will also become more like luxury hotel stays when rocks and sticks are finally not able to be felt through the tent and sleeping bag bottom. It gives the user a full night’s sleep – they may even forget they are using an air mattress. In fact, they may even find that they prefer to sleep on this mattress instead of in a regular bed. Everyone should give this revolutionary new air mattress technology a try to see if it is right for them.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Rekindle Romance in Your Lives

This is a day riddled with apprehension for those in a relationship and also for those that are not in a relationship. All that is required on February 14th is to be thoughtful. Extravagance if any should be left for other days such as birthdays and such. If you want to be extravagant with gifts and so on, this is fine. If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas to consider for your special someone.
Although this day has become commercialized, it is good to have a day to remind us to appreciate those in our lives. It would be good if we did this every day and did not need a special day set aside for love. You can show your love and appreciation any number of ways for little or no cost to you. However, you do this to celebrate Valentine’s is completely up to you. You can do something as simple as writing a simple note or buying or creating Valentine’s Day card letting them know how much you love and appreciate them.

If you need additional help with Valentine’s Day gift ideas, the easiest way to show your appreciation is with flowers. If you have a flower garden, you can create a bouquet for your love or purchase various bouquets of flowers. These can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. It is important to get her flowers that she likes and not necessarily roses. Roses though make some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts and are appreciated by most women. Cooking a simple meal for your loved one and spending time with them is also a great way to celebrate Valentine’s.

Another one of the great Valentines Day gift ideas is to give the gift of a getaway such as a weekend getaway. A romantic getaway such as a bed and breakfast getaway is a great way to renew your relationship. This is a great gift usually only for those that have been in a relationship together for a while and not usually the newly dating. Every case is different, and you will just have to judge your relationship to determine whether a romantic getaway is an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift.

Jewelry also makes some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but you may not want to get overly extravagant gifts unless you truly want to. Simple earring or pendants are appropriate for new relationship whereas a more expensive jewelry gift may be more appropriate if you have been in a relationship for a while. When buying jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift, it is important to determine what she likes and dislikes. If she does not like hoop earrings, getting her hoops is not a good idea. If he/she only wears white gold or silver, getting him/her yellow gold jewelry is not a good idea. This will only show that you are thoughtless which is not what you want on Valentine’s.

This Mom’s Evil Plan

There’s nothing we love better than a mom who is trying to teach her children a lesson the hard way. Wait, actually, there is: a mom who is trying to teach her kids a lesson the hard way, and then shares the glorious story with us on social media.

Take for instance, this gem from earlier this year from mom Alice Velasquez, who decided she was done telling her teenage daughter, Tahlia, to clean her bedroom to no avail.


Velasquez came up with a mad genius solution: She put all of her daughter’s belongings into garbage bags, then told Tahlia she’d sell her back one bag at a time for $25. The kicker: The only way she could earn money was by doing chores.

But that’s not all: Once Tahlia earned enough money to buy the bags, she’d be given them in the same order her mom collected her items. Read: totally randomly. So, basically Tahlia might get a bag containing dirty clothes, trash, soccer gear, or who knows what else.

According to Velasquez, her experiment went even better than expected. All of Tahlia’s siblings pitched in to help their sister earn her stuff back faster. So in her eyes, not only did her oldest daughter learn a valuable lesson, but the entire family got to experience a bonding exercise, too.

Too bad the online community had other things to say. After posting about the experiment on Facebook, Velasquez experienced major backlash and one person even reported her to child services. But the majority of the Internet thought her plan was straight up genius.

See her Facebook post here.

Herstyer Flat Iron Did the Trick

My daughter has an unruly mop of hair, and after she drives the convertible with the hood open on the seaside road, her hair looks a real mess. If she has to go out somewhere immediately after getting back home, she needs to wet her hair and set it properly to give it that clean look. That was until last month. This month she got a new Herstyler flat iron to straighten her hair, and uses it everyday before she goes out anywhere.
To be honest, she had tried a flat iron earlier. That flat iron would create hot spots and burn her hair. Since she was buying a new one, she wanted the latest model. She selected the Herstyler flat iron with tourmaline plates instead of ceramic plates that most of her friends used, and though it cost more, has given better effects to her hair. She uses the flat iron whenever she goes out, whether to college or when she attends parties in the evenings. In fact it warms up so fast that she uses it after waking up and before coming to the breakfast table to avoid jibes from her brother about her hair every morning.

One more great feature of the tourmaline plates she says is its ability to warm up evenly. She no longer has to suffer burns through hot spots like with the earlier one, and her hair is without any frizz these days.
The other evening she went out for a party with a couple of her friends. She had given soft curls to her hair this time with the flat iron. She said her hair looked so good and stayed that way the rest of the evening that nearly everyone she met wanted to know the phone number of her hairstylist or the salon she visited. She told them the truth – that it was the Herstyler flat iron that had made all the difference to her hair.

My Experience Using One of The Best Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming (1)

My previous experiences with some vacuum cleaners have not been the best. However, all that changed when I came across one of the top vacuum cleaners I have ever laid my hands on. I mean, this machine has some of the most desirable features one would want. One of this is the weight. It is not one of those heavy machines that you have to push forcefully in order for them to clean. This one is so light, all you have to do is give it a slight push and you are good to go. That is not all, the machine has one of the longest cords I have ever seen in a vacuum. I do not have to transfer it from one port to another since the cord’s wide reach enables me to clean each and every corner of my house effortlessly. Another thing that has made me enjoy using this vacuum cleaner is the fact that it has bumpers on either sides. This prevents its edges from marring my furniture when I reach to clean beneath them.

In addition to these features, the vacuum cleaner has buttons that are not only easily accessible but also clearly indicated. Therefore, I do not have to second guess about which button to press and which not to. This machine is also quite compact and small, this has enabled me to clean areas that I only wished I could with my previous vacuum cleaner. The disposable garbage holder is also another feature that I cannot ignore. After filling it, all I do is remove and place another one. I know I have talked so much, maybe too much about the machine, but I really feel that part of the process of enjoying a great product such as this top vacuum cleaner is by sharing it by others.

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How to Clean Your Washing Machine


Image courtesy of SomewhatSimple

Here’s an easy way to clean your washing machine! If you haven’t cleaned your washing machine for some time, this is the time to do it. Think of all the gunk accumulated inside, yuk!

1. Pour white vinegar into your washing machine, fill with water and let sit for an hour
2. Run a complete cycle
3. When the water is drained, scrub the insides with a sponge and vinegar
4. Repeat step one and two, this time with bleach
5. Rub down the exterior

You’re done! Check out more photos and details on how to do this here.

Why the Frigidaire Dehumidifier Is Highly Rated

I have recently found myself disposing electronics that have been rendered outdated courtesy of the consumer insight programs that are aired on television. I came to appreciate one such program that endorsed the new Frigidaire dehumidifier. This was a product that had a short shelf life because it sold out in hours, due to the testimonies made by customers about its amazing features. I purchased one and set it up in my living room ready to be amazed. My mother was to bear witness of its widely spoken abilities that were meant to convince her to buy one. It is a highly sophisticated appliance I must admit due to the fact that all I had to do was set up my preferred conditions for my household and set about my business without minding too much about it. In less than thirty minutes there was a breath of fresh air that replaced the dampness. I was so impressed I decided to check on the machine to confirm it was still functioning because the room was so quiet that no one would have guessed there was an appliance functioning in stealth.



The Frigidaire dehumidifier has a reservoir where all the moisture extracted from the atmosphere is drained ready to be discarded. It has a window through which I get to see the level of the condensate extracted. The reservoir is a bucket located at the front of the unit for easy emptying, with a carrying handle and a splash guard to prevent spillage. The controls are all electronic meaning the days of pulling levers and pushing diodes were really over as far as modern household appliances were concerned. The night got colder, but its efficiency remained the same.

My concern was that it would stall when the temperatures really dropped, but the manufacturer’s guarantee was genuine as it maintained its performance throughout the night. The impeccable and outstanding results meant I had to make another trip to the electronic shop with my mother because she had decided to acquire her own Frigidaire dehumidifier.

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My Home Office is Perfect


I didn’t know how important an air conditioner was until I started my internship in one of the biggest companies in the city. The office is fully equipped with nearly everything a person needs to have a comfortable working environment. Specifically, the air conditioner at the office would generate comfort conditions in which I would feel highly comfortable. I have held internship positions in different companies before, but my last internship was the ultimate experience. I had never seen my efficiency and that of the rest of the employees so high until I worked in an office with the right air conditioner.

One of the things I loved about the air conditioners in the office is that most of them were portable. This meant that we could move it around in the conference room whenever we were working from there. I remember on one occasion, we carried it to the stores during stocking taking. Although I hate stock taking, I was so happy to work at the stores for four consecutive days. The air was refreshing and, even though, there was a lot of dust in the store, my colleagues and I were safe from dust related health conditions.

In that case, when I decided to set up my home office, I didn’t think twice about the need to have a portable air conditioner. I wanted my home office to be extremely comfortable. At least I had an idea of my ideal office, and one of the must-have things would have to be an air conditioner.

Since I didn’t have one in my house I was forced to shop for an appropriate one to use in my office – and perhaps in the rest of the house. This meant finding something portable so I could use it in the living room and my bedroom as well when I wasn’t working. My search on the internet was fruitful since I found an appropriate Delonghi portable air conditioner.

Apart from enjoying increased efficiency, there are numerous other benefits. For starters, AC helps to circulate filtered air inside my home office and the rest of the house. I am speaking of air that is from dirt particles, dust, bacteria, smoke and other micro-organisms. This means that I enjoy a very healthy working environment that has considerably improved my health. On the same note, I don’t have to open my windows the whole day. This keeps the noise from my house, given that I reside in a noisy neighborhood. My online marketing business is blossoming, and the presence of the air conditioner is one of the reasons for my success.

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